Passing on the Rich Tradition of Our Catholic Faith​​​

 Catholic School Funds

From some of the earliest days of our Church, Catholic Schools have been instrumental in fostering and passing on the rich tradition of our Catholic faith to the next generation.  Along with our two high schools, nearly all of our elementary schools have permanent endowment funds that help to keep tuition affordable for families.


Education Funds 
Foundation for Catholic Secondary Education of Greater Grand Rapids
Brechting Academic & Athletic - WCHS
"Conquering Obstacles"/Denny Flak Schol.
Czerney Szoka Scholarship Fund
Deacon Dale Hollern Scholarship Fund
Douglas and Arlene Lillis Scholarship Fund
Ed and June Prein Family CCHS Schol Fund
Ed Wagner Tuition Assistance Fund
Eugenia Czarnecki Family Fund
Faculty Enhancement Fund
Frank and Mary Hernes Memorial Schol.
General Endowment Fund
Jim and Linda Payne Tuition Assistance
Joanne Harwood Angel Scholarship Fund
Joe Lauria Scholarship Fund
Jon Davidson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Lawrence/Patricia Ranazzi Transfer Schol.
Mary Lynn Kampfschulte Music Scholarship
Msgr Charles Brophy Scholarship Fund
Rev. James Kowalski Schol. Fund - CCHS
Rev. James Kowalski Schol. Fund - WCHS
Richard Boguslaski Science/Eng Equip Fund
Sam Kunst Endowed Memorial Schol. Fund
Sr. Robert Ann Erno Educational Fund
WCHS Band Boosters Scholarship Fund
William J. Lawrence III Family Schol. Fund


School Education Funds
All Saints Academy
Assumption BVM - Belmont
Basilica of St. Adalbert Basilica - Gr Rapids
Blessed Sacrament - Grand Rapids
Cathedral of St. Andrew Dzwonkowski Fund
Christ the King - St Francis de Sales -
   Howard City
Father Don Weber Family Foundation Fund
Father Dennis Morrow Education Fund
Holland Area Catholic Schools -
   Jacqueline Cyr Miller Fund
Holy Name of Jesus - Wyoming
Holy Trinity- Comstock Park
Holy Trinity Education Fund--Comstock Park
Our Lady of Consolation – Rockford
Sacred Heart - Grand Rapids
Sacred Heart - Muskegon Heights
Korson Family Scholarship Fund
Sacred Heart - Victory
SS Peter & Paul - Ionia
Armando Quaglia Scholarship Fund
St. Anthony of Padua - Grand Rapids
John O'Donnell Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jim & Josie Dirkes Scholarship Fund
Jim & Josie Dirkes Parish Improvement Fund
St. Charles - Greenville
St. Dominic - Wyoming
St. Edward - Lake Odessa
St. Gregory - Hart
St. Isidore - Grand Rapids
St. James - Grand Rapids (Kubiak Fund)
St. James - Montague
St. John the Baptist - Hubbardston
St. Joseph - St. Mary - Belding
St. Joseph - Wright
St. Jude - Grand Rapids
St. Mary - Big Rapids
Rosalinde Parsons Fund
Rosemary T. Bolek Scholarship Fund
Foundation Fund
Barbara Borth Fund
St. Mary - Carson City
St. Mary - Lowell
St. Mary - Miriam
St. Mary - Muskegon (Bernott Fund)
St. Mary - Spring Lake
St. Mary Magdalen - Kentwood
St. Michael - Brunswick
St. Michael - Coopersville
St. Michael - Remus
St. Patrick - St. Anthony - Grand Haven
St. Patrick - Parnell
St. Patrick - Portland
Youth Ministry Fund
St. Paul - Big Rapids- Newman Center Fund
St. Paul the Apostle - Grand Rapids
St. Stanislaus - Ludington
St. Stephen - East Grand Rapids
Peter M. Wege Scholarship Fund
Sophia Louise Wege Scholarship Fund
Julie Hartman Klein Educational Fund
Mabel Sullivan Scholarship Fund
Dorothy Thomas Scholarship Fund
Monsignor LeRoux Scholarship Fund
Swanson Scholarship Fund
Cunningham/McCahill Fund
Wege Teacher Benefit Enhancement Fund