Investment Guidelines

The Catholic Foundation of West Michigan’s investment policies are based largely upon the existing policies of the Michigan Catholic Conference Socially Responsible Investment Pool. The Diocese of Grand Rapid’s investment accounts are combined with other diocese’s funds throughout Michigan to gain in investment performance, minimize investment expenses and ensure that all funds are invested with companies who are not contrary to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

For more detailed information about the Michigan Catholic Conference's (MCC) investment policies click HERE​​.

Investment Mix

Currently the funds are invested eventually between fixed income and equity fund managers and all investment managers are overseen by an investment advisor (CapTrust) and a local investment committee.

Current Investments

Please clike HERE ​for latest balances, fund managers and their performance relative to the peer benchmarks.


Investment expenses for 2017-18 were .00375%, do in large part to The Foundation's participation in the larger investment pool of Michigan Catholic Conference.

These policies and guidelines are intended as guides, and some issues will require discussion on a case-by-case basis.  It is expected that any important deviation and the reasons and explanation will be brought to the attention of the Michigan Catholic Conference on a timely basis.